The Importance Of Facebook “Likes” In Branding

The Importance Of Facebook “Likes” In Branding

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Social media is known and agreed by many experts to be the most powerful online marketing tool today since it has greatly influenced everyone’s daily life. In the world of entrepreneurship, social networking plays a very significant role.

The 3 most popular and widely used social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln which offer so many opportunities for businesses to attract potential customers, increase public awareness and generate leads.

Each of these social media sites has its own features but Facebook is considered as the most effective and the right spot if you want to develop your brand. This is because Facebook has large number of users, thus making it the best way to get in touch with potential customers.

The “Like” feature is compared to word-of-mouth marketing which is considered the main factor in determining whether a Facebook Page is doing well or not. A page that is liked by someone will be broadcasted in the newsfeed of the liker and their friends will see it and may end up visiting your page too. There is great possibility that the user’s friends may start to follow your page if they like it.

Other interactions such as commenting and status updates on your page by a user will help your FB page to have more exposure. Make sure to engage with visitors to your site so that they will be interested to interact with you again, thus giving you the opportunity to expose your brand.

If growing your brand is your goal, then you should not ignore social media. More than half of consumers are most likely more than willing to recommend and promote your brand.

“Likes” on your FB page and post are crucial in helping your brand to grow, here are some important reasons.

By gaining Facebook “likes”, it shows other users that your brand can be trusted. “Likes” serve as positive reviews about your products or services.

If your goal is to have a certain number of “likes”, it is a good idea to create an appealing and interesting product page or wall message so that your promotion continues. In order for Facebook posts and pages to reach maximum exposure, you must target the right audience and make sure that the products and services that you offer will benefit them to the fullest.